About Online Course Specialist

Want to create and sell online courses but don’t know where to start?

Let me help you.

Hi I’m Mark Spermon the guy behind the onlinecoursespecialist.com. I’m working in the e-learning and online course business since 2006. On this website I’ll share all my knowledge and tips and tricks that I learned along the way on how to create and sell profitable online courses..

You can find me also on YouTube, Twitter en LinkedIn.

My mission

It looks everyone these days is jumping on the online course bandwagon. You see online courses pop up on every corner of the internet. And most  of them only have a bunch of video’s where’s a lot of information is poured out over you.

But online courses can be different. They can be engaging and provide a transformation to the desired future of your students. My goal? Create a world without passive, information overload online courses that are boring as ….

How can i help you?

On this website I give you advice on online course technology such as the best online course platforms and WordPress LMS Plugins. I share step by step guides how to:

Create online courses
Sell online courses

Next to that I’ll also share information on how to make engaging online course content, define learning goals and course objectives for better online courses.

About me

I work and live in Bergschenhoek, a small village near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I live their with my Girlfriend, our two kids and our Goldfish Emma.

When I’m not working, I like to do things with my family and I love to read. Mostly thrillers and occasionally a business book. I watch my favorite football club (the largest club in Rotterdam) in the stands every home game with friends.