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Teachable pricing plans

Teachable has four plans. three paid plans and a free plan:

  • Free plan: $0 per month limited to 10 users
  • Basic plan: $39 per month or $29 when billed annually
  • Pro plan: $119 per month or $99 when billed annually
  • Business plan: $299 per month or $249 when billed annually
Teachable pricing plans

You can switch between Teachable pricing plans at any time. Teachable also offers a 30-day refund policy for all paid plans, so if you’re unhappy with Teachable for whatever reason, you can request a refund and cancellation of your paid plan within 30 days.

Here is a list of features that are available in all plans. Even in Teachables free plan:

  • Unlimited video
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Student management
  • Lecture comments
  • Basic quizzes
  • No fees on free courses
  • VAT (Value-Added-Tax) for EU

Teachable Free plan

If you want to give Teachable a test run before getting a paid account, the free plan is your ideal starter plan. You can already start creating courses before you’ll decide to upgrade to one of Teachable’s paid accounts.

Transaction fees

There are some downsides to Teachable’s free plan. The biggest downside is that Teachable charges a transaction fee on this plan, and also for the basic plan

Unfortunately, Teachable does charge a transaction fee for their free and basic plan. If you are on Teachables free plan, it’s $1 + 10% of your course price, and for the Basic plan, Teachable charges you 5% of your course price as a transaction fee.

In the table below, you’ll see a breakdown of the transaction fees that Teachable charges for each course that you sell.

Teachable Transaction feesFree planBasic planProfessional planBusiness plan
Free courses0%0%0%0%
Paid courses$1 + 10%5%0%0%


let’s do some calculations what the Transaction fees mean if you sell courses on Teachable’s free plan.

Let’s say you have a course priced at $97.

For each sale, Teachable charges $1 and 10%, which is $9,70. For each course that you sell, you pay Teachable $10,70.

If you sell 10 courses a month, Teachable takes $107. If you have that many sales, it’s advisable to upgrade to Teachable’s Basic or Professional plan. Because it only costs you money if you stay on the free plan

When should you choose the free plan?

Teachable’s free plan is right for you If you are starting with you’re course creation adventure. So you can decide if Teachable is the right platform that meets your needs. Or if you only have free online courses that you’ll use as a lead magnet to build an e-mail list.

In my opinion, when you start selling courses, you better upgrade to Teachable’s Basic plan or their Professional plan if you have a little more budget to spend.

Teachable Basic plan

The Basic plan is Teachable’s first paid plan. It costs you 39 dollars per month when billed monthly (the Basic plan is $29 when billed annually. Yearly billing will save you $120 each year).

Extra features

On the Basic plan, you have the following features on top of the features that are already in the free plan:

  • Two admin-level accounts
  • Custom domains                                      
  • Coupon codes                                           
  • An integrated affiliate program                                         
  • Integrated email marketing                                
  • Third-party integrations                                       
  • The option to drip course content

Transaction fees

The biggest downside for Teachable’s basic plan is the 5% transaction fee that Teachable takes for each course that you’ll sell.


Let’s do some math what this means if you have a course that is priced at $97. For each sale, Teachable will take 5% of $97 that is $4,85

If you sell ten courses a month, Teachable charges a total of $ 48,50 as a transaction fee. With 10 or more sales each month, You almost bridge the price difference of $60 between Teachables Basic plan $39 and the Professional plan $99.

When should you choose the Basic plan?
If you want to start creating online training courses, but you have a tight budget to keep, or you’re planning to sell only a few courses per month, then the basic plan is the right plan for you.

If you have a  bit more budget to spend, I would advise you to go for Teachable’s Professional plan. With this plan, Teachable charges no transaction fees next to that you’ll get access to Teachables Power Editor to customize your Teachable website to your own look and feel.

Teachable Pro plan

The Professional plan is Teachable’s most popular plan, and in my opinion, this is the best plan for 90% of all online course creators.

A major benefit of this plan is that Teachable doesn’t charge any commission or transaction fee. Teachables Professional plan is priced at $99 per month (when billed monthly, when billed yearly $79). With yearly billing, you’ll save you $240 each year.

You can see the $99 price as a huge investment up front, but if you’re planning on creating a serious course creating business it can save you lot’s of money in the long-term because no part of your income will go to Teachable

Extra features

This plan gives everything that is in the basic plan plus the following features:

  • live chat support
  • Course completion certificates                                
  • Course compliance        
  • Advanced developer customization, Teachables Power Editor                  
  • Advanced reports options          
  • An unbranded website
  • Up to 5 admin-level users

From the professional plan, you can live chat with Teachable support within business hours. You have advanced reporting options and access to the Power Editor, by which you can adjust the look and feel of your Teachable school to your own wishes.

When should you choose Teachable’s professional plan?

You should choose Teachables professional plan if you want to make serious work of creating online courses and planning to sell more than 10 courses priced at $97 or more a month.

Let’s do some math one more time:

Let’s say you’re selling 15 courses a month priced at $97, you’re earning $1455 a month.

Teachables Basic plan charges $72,75 transaction fees. This is more than the price difference between the Basic plan $39 and the Professional plan $99. (that is $60)

This makes Teachables Professional plan the most advantageous plan because you don’t have to pay any transaction fees.

Teachable Business plan

This plan is Teachable’s most expensive plan but also the most complete plan. It’s priced at $499 when billed monthly and $399 when billed yearly. The Business plan gives you the following options on top of the options in the Professional plan:

  • Define custom user roles.
  • Bulk import students.
  • The availability for up to 100 admin-level users.

These functionalities suit you only if you’re an enterprise client and want to create a huge amount of courses where each course has its own admin user.

So who should choose the Business plan?

I think Teachables Business plan is only suited for large companies that want to use Teachable as a Learning Management System and don’t need any SCORM or xAPI integration to track results of modules that are created in another Authoring tool outside than Teachable.

Teachable Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Teachable?

Teachable has different pricing plans. You can find the costs for each pricing plan on this page under Teachable Pricing Plans.

Can I use Teachable for free?

Teachable has a free plan. But unfortunaltly it’s limited to 10 students.

Is Thinkific better than Teachable?

Thinkific and Teachable are both very good online course platforms. Thinkifics Pro plan is is less expensive. This may be a consideration to choose Thinkific.

Can you make money with Teachable?

You can certainly make money with Teachable. You can easily create online courses in Teachable and sell them for a one-time price or as a membership.

What percentage does Teachable take?

You can find the current transacttion fees on this page under Transaction fees.

Teachable Pricing conclusion

So in summary:

The things that I like about Teachable’s pricing plans is that they don’t charge you per user on your course. and that Teachable’s basic plan is a is quite complete and has a relatively low price starting at $39 with monthly billing and $29 when billed yearly.

This makes Teachable very suitable if you want to start your first online course. But if you grow to a more advanced user you can upgrade to their Professional plan where you get access to their Power editor for advanced developer customization and advanced reports.

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